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Trading Psychology & High Probability Setups

Trading Psychology & High Probability Setups

Focus on One Good Trade 

• Why

• Entry, Stop Loss and Target

• Manage Trade Setup

Your State of Mind

• By Product of Your Belief’s & attitude

• Winning & Consistency are state of Mind

• Dominant Belief: I am consistent successful Trader

Now Moment Opportunity Flow

• Market is not Sympathize with you

• Price Action is Supreme

• Weightage To Each Factor

Style Drift

• Your Personality

• Intraday, Swing or Positional or Any

• No holy grail system

Perfection is great Formula for frustration

• It is Probability Game

• What matter is Risk: Reward rather than accuracy

• Number of Wins but ready to take Big Large loses in between

Cultivate as a Trader

• Learn From Losses

• Learn from Best Setups

• Be an Entrepreneur

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