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How to ease your Trading Mistakes- Fundamental & Technical Analysis

How to ease your Trading Mistakes- Fundamental & Technical Analysis

Fundamental & Technical Analysis
It depends on a particular trader or investor and on their strategies. We can advise you to watch out for the fundamentals and technical charts to enhance your understanding of charts. In a general way, technical and fundamental analyses use different instruments to evaluate and predict share price movement. Technical analysis is based on assumption, that price is moving according to its past performance and can be predicted using trend lines and other technical instruments. Fundamental analysis, in its turn, uses economic indicators and financial statements to predict the future performance of share price.
Both types of analysis can definitely predict market conjecture or fail in some situations.

You can use and websites to study. – It lets you screen the stock universe easily, by using smart filters & readymade screens to find stocks that match your criteria. It lets you discover relevant stocks with filters including profitability & financial ratios, future estimates, broker ratings, technical indicators, ownership among others. – provides tools for technical and fundamental analysis. Enables you to interpret stock movement with the help of Candlesticks Charts and has other tools to be used by traders.

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